The Business Legal Check-Up

Stay Compliant, Stay Successful: Get Your FREE Business Legal Checkup

Stay ahead of legal issues and gain peace of mind knowing your business is healthy

Whether you are planning to start a business or have an existing business, a Business Legal Checkup is essential to the good health of your company. Simply put, any legal problems uncovered by the checkup can be remedied before any damage is done and money is lost.

A business must comply with the law. Failure to do so puts the business at great risk. Often, the business owner is fearful of the cost of keeping up with state and federal regulations. After the checkup, the owner finds that the cost is minimal, and the owner immediately puts processes in place to ensure compliance. They sleep better, too!

During the business check-up, we will examine your business structure and other documentary records to see if there are any gaps or if improvements can be made. This is a free service. We are able to quickly determine if there are any areas for a more thorough examination and will explain our concerns.

A Business Legal Checkup will provide a review of the following

  1. Any Corporate records, filings, and registrations
  2. Contracts used by the business
  3. Lease Agreements 
  4. Intellectual Property owned by the business
  5. Regulatory Compliance (this is especially important if you have employees)
  6. A review of the company’s website for compliance
  7. Is there a Business Succession Plan in place?
  8. Is the business consistent with procedures to maximize a purchase price if sold?
Ensure the good health of your business with a Business Legal Checkup. Whether you’re launching a new venture or already established, this essential step can uncover potential legal issues before they become costly problems. Don’t wait until it’s too late – schedule your Business Legal Checkup today and safeguard your company’s success.