Commercial Lease Agreements

Secure Favorable Terms in Your Commercial Lease

Avoid costly mistakes and negotiate a lease that works to your advantage

Entering into a commercial lease is a major commitment – one that can significantly impact your business’s financial health and operational flexibility. These agreements are inherently complex, woven with legal terms and clauses that can be difficult to navigate without specialized knowledge.

A poorly negotiated lease might include excessive: 


  • Rent increases
  • Stringent compliance requirements
  • Penalties for early termination 
  • Hidden fees 
  • Charges for building services or maintenance 


By choosing our expert legal services for your commercial lease review and negotiation, you safeguard your business against these risks. This proactive approach not only saves you money in the long term but also secures the operational flexibility your business requires to be successful and secure.

After review, we explain the key lease provisions and discuss their legal ramifications and options for negotiation:

1The Personal Guarantee

It is important not to use your name on the lease but that of your LLC or corporation. While the landlord may require a personal guarantee, we aim to reach a compromise with the landlord such that the personal guarantee requirement is removed after a year or two of timely lease payments.

2Option for a further term

The business attorney always looks for ways for their clients to reduce their liabilities. One way of reducing liability is an option for an additional term. The option is highly beneficial for the tenant because the decision to exercise the option is solely in the tenant’s control. Further, we negotiate a set percentage of the rent that may be increased during the additional term.

3Sub-letting clause

A well-drafted sub-letting clause allows the tenant to retain flexibility. The ability to sublet your commercial space can be important when you need to generate additional funds and reduce costs. The cost of having us review your lease is usually less than a month’s rent on a commercial lease. Since many of these leases are for 3 to 5 years, the review is a small and smart investment.