Estate Planning

Secure Your Legacy

Protect your business and family future with proactive estate planning

Estate planning is about much more than just avoiding probate and keeping things private. For business owners like you, it’s a crucial step in securing your company’s future. A well-thought-out estate plan shields both your business and personal assets from unwanted risks, unnecessary taxes, and potential disputes.


With a clear estate plan, you’re in control. You get to decide how your business is run and who will take it over if you’re ever unable to lead or after you’re gone. It’s also how you protect your family and your team, making sure that the business you’ve worked so hard to build keeps running smoothly. By planning ahead, you can reduce financial uncertainties and pave the way for a seamless transition, whatever the future holds.

Internal Succession

Internal succession involves transferring ownership and leadership of the business to family members or key employees. This option is often preferred when the owner desires to keep the business within their trusted circle.  There are two standard internal succession options:

Family Succession

Passing the business to a family member, such as a child or sibling. This requires careful estate planning, communication, and consideration of the family dynamics. Deciding whether to gift or sell the business to your family requires careful consideration. Gifting a business interest can have gift and estate tax implications. Selling a business interest may involve using family installment sales to reduce capital gains tax and minimize your use of the gift tax exemption.

Management Buyout

In the event there are no suitable family successors, selling the business to key employees through a management buyout can be an attractive option. This allows loyal and competent individuals already familiar with the operations to take over. Financing the buyout through installment payments or third-party funding sources can help facilitate the transition. It is essential to ensure that your family is protected and can complete the buyout even after passing through proper estate planning.

External Succession

External succession involves selling the business to an outside party. This option may be appropriate if there are no suitable successors within the company or if the owner seeks to maximize the value of their business. There are two common external succession options:

Acquisition by 3rd Party Purchaser

Selling to a 3rd party purchaser tends to maximize the purchase price for the business.

Private Equity Investment

Partnering with a private equity firm can provide growth opportunities and capital infusion while allowing the owner to retain partial ownership or plan for a complete exit.
Secure your legacy today with proactive estate planning. Protect your business and your family’s future by taking the necessary steps to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Don’t wait – start planning now to safeguard what matters most to you.